For A Friend - Psychological drama

For A Friend - Psychological drama

11 Episodes

After a rough day, Maddy takes a break on a bench. She is approached by a cheerful Daniel. At first she doesn’t want to be associated with him, but in the course of time she becomes curious and slowly starts to trust him. But is Daniel trustworthy? What are his reasons to be a friend?

Samantha Kemna, Joy Philips, Alex Yukhymishen

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For A Friend - Psychological drama
  • For A Friend - part 01 - Everything Is Different Nothing Has Changed

    Episode 1

    After a painful break up and losing her job Maddy decides to look up a childhood friend. She is romanticizing the old memories but there has changed a lot since the old days..

    Na een pijnlijke break up en het verliezen van haar baan besluit Maddy vol goede moed haar oude jeugdvriendin weer op te...

  • For A Friend - part 02 - A New Job.

    Episode 2

    A new city, a new job, an old friend? Maddy is trying to rebuild her life. The friendship with her old friend is like back in the time again. But can she combine the two? does she take her responsibilities?

    Een nieuwe stad, een nieuwe baan, een oude vriendin? Maddy pakt haar leven weer op. De v...

  • For A Friend - part 03 - Can You Come Over?

    Episode 3

    Maddy’s friend is starting to show scary behavior. Maddy is feeling sweltering and wants to keep her job. Does she find out her friend hasn’t got the best interests?

    Maddy’s vriendin begint rare trekjes te vertonen. Maddy voelt zich benauwd in het contact en wil haar baan houden. Heeft ze door ...

  • For A Friend - part 04 - The First Encounter.

    Episode 4

    Maddy is having a hard time because work isn’t going the way she would thought. She decides to give her friend Gina a call for support.

    Maddy baalt omdat het op werk niet goed loopt. Ze besluit haar vriendin Gina te bellen voor steun.

    Samantha Kemna, Joy Philips, Alex Yukhymishen

  • For A Friend - part 05

    Episode 5

    Maddy and Gina are shopping. When Maddy forgets her phone at a store, a nice young man wants to help her look for it. Gina doesn't like the idea.

    Maddy en Gina gaan een middagje winkelen. Als Maddy haar telefoon in een winkel vergeet, komt er een aardige jongeman achter haar aan om haar te helpe...

  • For A Friend - part 06 - My Name Is Daniel.

    Episode 6

    Maddy almost got hit by a car but Daniel steps in and rescues Maddy. He gets her number

    Maddy komt bijna onder een auto maar Daniel weet haar gelukkig net op tijd te redden. Ze geeft hem zijn nummer.

  • For A Friend - part 07 - What Do You Want From Me?

    Episode 7

    Daniel calls Maddy to go out for dinner. At Dinner Maddy thinks Daniel comes too close and shuts down the conversation.

    Daniel belt Maddy om samen uit eten te gaan. Bij het eten raakt Daniel een gevoelige snaar en raakt Maddy gekwetst als hij te dichtbij komt.

    Samantha Kemna, Joy Phi...

  • For A Friend - part 09 - How Was You're Date?

    Episode 8

    Maddy talks about her time with Daniel and makes a birthday appoint with Gina.

  • For A Friend - part 10

    Episode 9

    Maddy is waiting for Daniel to go for a walk suddenly Gina show up in her living room.

  • For A Friend - part 08 - Oscars Chairs

    Episode 10

    Daniel phones Maddy and tells her he feels bad about how things went in the Color Kitchen. Maddy decide to give him a changes

  • For A Friend - Bye Bye Gina- part 11

    Episode 11

    After a cold lonely winter Maddy goes on a walk with Gina